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Victor's Descent

by Venator

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Victor Moore: a saviour. A martyr. An upholder of vigilante justice who sacrificed himself to stop The Juggernaut from worldwide destruction on the night of September 22nd, 2072…or so we thought.

Victor is plagued by a curse, one which has him living his life indefinitely, being reborn again and again until the end of time. For every death he yields, he will be reborn as he was when he met a demise. That is the Fumetsu curse. But why is this? Why will he return every time he dies? Is he the only one cursed by Fumetsu? Seeking answers and to hone himself as a warrior, Victor leaves New York City headed through the icy wastelands of northern Canada, and the irradiated ghost towns of Russia on a journey to the holy Cybertheist sanctums within the forests of Japan, residing cyborg monks that he hopes will not only train him to become a better warrior, but show him the truth about his existence, his curse, and his fate.

Will Victor find the answers he looks for?
Is he doing the streets of NYC a disservice with his absence, despite the population thinking he has passed?
Will he return to uphold the order he upheld before his supposed sacrifice?


Thanks to all of my dedicated supporters, as well as Cody Carpenter, Jon Of The Shred, Electric Dragon, The Encounter, Maru, Stevie Young, Mattie Konig and JaMarco Shaw.

This EP was heavily inspired by the works of Tangerine Dream, David Lynch, Jean Michel Jarre, Alexander Brandon, HP Lovecraft and Akira Kurosawa.

Hope you enjoy this EP. Put it on, burn some Nag Champa, look out at the night sky and reflect.

-Brandon a.k.a. Venator


released June 2, 2017

Completely written and produced by Venator, excluding:

Track 2 features an interpolation from "Mombasa Suite" written by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori for the video game Halo 2, owned by Microsoft Studios, ©2004

Track 6 co-produced by Volkor X

Art by Dakota Hull




Venator Saint John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

Cyberpunk-inspired electronic nurtured by science fiction, nihilism, video games, graphic novels and dark rainy nights.

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Track Name: Premonition
Time will tell
If you even barely cared about me
Wanted to see me fail
Or wanted to see me succeed
Intended to hurt me bad
Or came as a misunderstanding
Leave me with a deep feeling
Of depression and insanity

Time will tell
If you ever gave a fuck about me
Wanted to see me in pain
And wanted to see me bleed
Intended to hurt me bad
Or you couldn't control this hate
But if you're going to kill me
Don't make me fucking wait

The embrace of death
It makes me see so clearly
Like a mother to an infant
It holds me close and dearly
I've made up my mind
And you better fucking flee
Because I'm taking you with me